Intensive Ceramics

Like clay camp for adults (and mature teens)! The first 12 hours of this 15 hour class are spent intensely making. The last 3-hour day we focus solely on glazing projects. At the start of each class the teacher will demonstrate handbuilding and pottery wheel techniques and offer project ideas. You can use class time any way you wish--to explore new techniques or focus on and improve ones already learned. You can register for one session or many.

  • SUMMER INTENSIVE I (Adults), 7/17-7/20, glazing day 8/10,  9am-12pm
  • SUMMER INTENSIVE II (Adults), 7/24-7/27, glazing day 8/10,  9am-12pm
  • SUMMER INTENSIVE III (Adults), 8/14-8/17, 9am-12pm, glazing day 9/16, 12:30-3:30pm
  • EARLY FALL INTENSIVE IV (Adults), 9/9-9/10, 12:45-6:45, glazing day 10/8, 12-3pm

Cost, $350


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