Q. Is this a paint a pottery studio?

A. Yonkers Pottery is a full service pottery studio. While we do offer a once monthly tile painting workshop for all ages, for the most part in our classes you learn to make the forms you paint and glaze by hand-building, modeling, sculpting, or wheel-throwing from raw clay.

Q. What is Open Studio?

A. Open Studio is student practice time with no teaching instruction, though there is always a monitor who knows the studio. It is included in the price of your class fee, so please take advantage of it. Your skills will improve in direct proportion to how much you practice. Check out our schedule to see when the studio is open for practice.

Q. How do I register for pottery classes?

You can either purchase online via the Class Payment page or call  the studio at 646-316-0554.

Q. Can I sign up for a class in the middle of a session?

A. If there is room in the class, yes. Price will be worked out on a case-by-case basis.

Q. Is there lead in any of the materials we use in the studio?


Q. What can I make?

A. The sky's the limit. As your clay-handling skills grow you will be able to make increasingly sophisticated forms, lidded canisters, teapots, pitchers. If it can fit in our kilns and be made from clay, you can make it in our studio!






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