We hold workshops geared toward experienced potters and ceramists that are taught by established and emerging clay artists living and working in the New York City metropolitan area and Hudson Valley.

Currently Scheduled Workshops:

Dave Kim The Potter – Moon Jar Workshop

Saturday, September 21st, 2-4:30pm & Sunday, September 22nd 10am-5pm

  • Can be taken as 1- or 2-day class!
  • Level: Advanced Beginner to Advanced Wheel Throwers
  • 9/21 costs $55
  • 9/22 costs $165 (clay included)
  • Firing not included. If you are a student or member regular firing fees will apply. For non-affiliated registrants it will cost 4-cents/cu in. if you'd like us to bisque fire your pieces.


Dave Kim The Potter Moon Jar Workshop, Westchester New York, Yonkers Pottery Studio - Ceramics        Dave Kim The Potter Moon Jar Workshop, Westchester New York, Yonkers Pottery Studio - Ceramics    Dave Kim The Potter Moon Jar Workshop, Westchester New York, Yonkers Pottery Studio - Ceramics

photos credit Dave Kim

This workshop can be taken as a 1- or 2-day class.

On the first day, Dave presents slides and discusses the history and contextual culture of Korean moon jars and demonstrates how he throws and assembles contemporary versions of them from two parts made  on the pottery wheel.

The second day will be hands on. With Dave's guidance, participants throw and assemble their own moon pots.

About Dave Kim

Dave Kim the Potter uses direct influence from his cultural heritage as a Korean to apply developed aesthetics to his functional pottery. Currently working in Brooklyn, NY, he believes that creating historic Korean pottery preserves a culture that is slowly dissipating by the modern society.  

Each pottery Kim creates collects elements of form, decoration, color and material from various traditional Korean pottery styles, individually offering a wide variety of styles such as Sang-gam(Korean inlay technique), Baek-ja(porcelain-ware typically known for Moonjars), or Bun-cheong(technique that uses stamps). 

Producing work that has been done for centuries, Kim still challenges the limits of what can be done by following the ways of Korean pottery. His experimental interest has also enabled him to create new bodies of work that has strayed away from the tradition yet very grounded at the core of what Korean pottery is; simplicity that represents natural, unpretentious beauty.

Workshops On The Horizon

  • Lauren Skelly Bailey: "Texturally Yours" - Explore hand building & wheel throwing processes to create personal sculptural vessels.
  • Lamp-Making - We build & fire our bases, then return to finish them with shades & electrical hardware.
  • Stacked Boxes - Build & embellish a multi-layer decorative box to store multiple items.
  • Tool & Mold-Making - We will make a myriad of tools & molds for use in our own work.

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