Private Lessons

Private Instruction

Arrange private pottery making lessons. Choose hand-building or wheel.

Each lesson lasts  about an hour and a half to two hours maximum, depending on how many people and how fast you work. It's a project based price. If you want/need more than 2 hours of instruction there is an additional fee. If you want to work on the wheel you must book at least 2 private lessons in order to complete the piece yourself. Otherwise, we will trim your piece when it's drier, and glaze it.

A handbuilding project can be completed in one session, minus the clear glazing over your bright painted colors. In either instance, we'll notify you about a month later when your piece is fired and ready to pick up.

Great for date night, friend get-togethers, parent and child.

  • Please call to arrange.
  • Up to 2 people = $150 (If 2, $75/person)
  • 3 people = $204 ($68/person)
  • 4 people = $240 ($60/person)
  • 5 people or more = ($55/person if handbuilding, $60/person if working on wheel)

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